Our vision is for Place Farm Primary Academy to be an outstanding school, where excellent practice, high achievement, equality and well-being are at the heart of everything we for our children and for our staff.

Educational Aims

At Place Farm Primary Academy, our curriculum has been specifically designed to embed our PROUD core values: to build professionalism; resilience; optimism; understanding and drive. The PROUD curriculum encompasses both what the children learn in the classroom, and the opportunities and experiences they cover as part of their wider school encounter curriculum. Our personalised PROUD curriculum aims to raise standards, build character and inspire a love of learning for all children. 

Each class has daily reading, writing and maths lessons that teach the fundamental skills and concepts to support all aspects of our PROUD curriculum and daily life. For more information, please see the English and Mathematics Mastery curriculum tabs.  

Early Years

At Place Farm Primary Academy, we follow the statutory EYFS curriculum document, which is play-based and identifies seven areas of learning and development. Three areas are particularly crucial for igniting children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, and for building their capacity to learn, form relationships and thrive.   For further information, please see the Early Years tab under the Curriculum heading on our website.


At Place Farm Primary Academy, children are encouraged to work scientifically across the curriculum, from the beginning of their learning journey. In EYFS, much of the science learning takes place in the outdoor learning environment, in which children are encouraged to be inquisitive and to begin to think scientifically. Across the school, the children have the opportunity to engage with stimulating experiments and resources to develop their scientific understanding. We teach lessons discretely and follow the national curriculum, teaching specific knowledge and vocabulary through the use of Knowledge Organisers and Knowledge Strips.

A Project Based Curriculum

The foundation subjects (Art & Design, Computing, Design & Technology, Geography, History, Music, Religious Education, Physical Education) are structured around the subject leaders intent, implementation and impact which relates to our PROUD curriculum, which drive the learning. These subjects are highly valued as they bring depth, interest and natural wonderment to the curriculum.

This approach to our curriculum ensures that the learning is purposeful, robust and personalised. We look forward to welcoming you to some of our performances! 

To immerse our children in their learning and provide depth and coverage of the curriculum, we teach the majority of our subjects weekly and we teach revisit weeks at the beginning of each half-term in order to address misconceptions in learning. This allows children to make cross-curricular links and deepen their understanding.


During the children’s time at Place Farm Primary Academy, they have the opportunity to learn to play a variety of musical instruments during their music lessons, including the keyboard, recorder, viola and violin. We are also fortunate to have weekly singing assemblies provided by Suffolk Music School. This is also a wonderful opportunity for the school to be together every Wednesday morning.

Please see the photos on our website, or visit Twitter, to see the PROUD curriculum in action!

Beyond the Curriculum

Place Farm Primary Academy values the opportunity for wider learning experiences, and is committed to providing at least one educational visit for each year group, which is matched to their curriculum. This creates an excitement and purpose for learning, and also provides our children with important cultural and social learning opportunities beyond the classroom walls.

We teach personal development through high quality, well-organised learning experiences. This is planned into classroom practice, as well as being connected to the wider curriculum. Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development is promoted creatively across the curriculum and is demonstrated through our PROUD values and pupil leadership.

Curriculum Overview

By clicking on each year group, you can see the long-term curriculum map which identifies the Project focus and key objectives to be mastered for that year group across all subjects. It also indicates which term these objectives should be covered. However, staff have ownership over when they are taught in the term.

Essential vocabulary is articulated and the sequence of learning thoughtfully planned.

Subject Curriculum Statements

By clicking on each of the subjets statements, you can see the intent, implementation and impact of each our foundation subjects. It also indicates the leaders vision for the subject and the purpose of what we do in the classroom.