Place Farm Primary Academy and Coupals Primary Academy Joint Governing Body

The role of a Local Governing Body is to offer a mixture of challenge and support to school leaders to help oversee the effective operation of the school. Our 4 key duties are those set out in the Governance Charter for Unity Schools Partnership. They are:

STRATEGIC DIRECTION ensuring the trust's and school's visions, values and ethos are realised

COMPLIANCE & EFFECTIVENESS ensuring adherence to trust, school and statutory policy and guidance

CHALLENGE & SUPPORT through monitoring, dialogue and stakeholder engagement

SAFEGUARDING & WELLBEING putting our pupils, staff and community at the heart of what we do

Our two schools work closely together under the leadership of our Executive Headteacher, Jane Sendall. Our Governing Body oversees the work of both schools and as such has representatives of staff and parents from each school and local members of both communities.

We meet as a whole Governing Body at least 5 times a year as well as regularly coming into the schools and meeting with staff and students to help us to fulfil our monitoring duties. 

Our Governors:

Community Governors

Sue Kehr - Chair

c/o Place Farm Primary Academy

Camps Road




Justine Dawkins - Vice Chair

Lauren Meadows

Lauraine Portwood

Nigel Roberts

Parent Governors

Lauren Cadwallader

Rebecca Swallow

Hannah Wild

Staff Governors

Place Farm – vacancy

Coupals - vacancy

Executive Headteacher and Heads of School

Jane Sendall (Executive Head)

Lisa McConnell (Head of School – Place Farm)

Tom Wade (Head of School – Coupals)