Our vision is to improve the life chances of all our children and young people whatever their backgrounds, skills and capabilities. We are committed to and value everyone within Place Farm Primary Academy. Our aim is to provide the best education we can, enabling our children and young people to become responsible, independent members of society.

Place Farm Primary Academy is committed to all through education, firmly believing that a love of learning should be nurtured from a very young age and that the traditional phases of education should be integrated to secure continuity, progression and high standards.

Our principles are:

  • To secure, in a safe and caring environment, the highest possible standards of achievement and attainment for each child and young person.
  • To enable each school to retain its identifiable character, as an equal partner, within the overall vision and policies of Place Farm Primary Academy.
  • To ensure that the curriculum, approach to learning, advice and guidance systems and policies are consistent and compatible throughout Place Farm Primary Academy.
  • To build and maintain a common, streamlined governance and leadership structure across Place Farm Primary Academy, with the Principal accountable to Place Farm Primary Academy for the performance of all schools within it.
  • To ensure that members of the Trust and other bodies have relevant skills and expertise and reflect key stakeholders in the community.
  • To improve efficiency through flexible and cooperative use of resources between schools.
  • To work within the wider community to maximise opportunities for everyone.
  • To ensure outstanding professional development opportunities for all staff