• Miss L Alefounder

    Year 2 Teacher

  • Miss S Atherton

    Year 2 Teacher

  • Mrs A Bailey

    Learning Assistant

  • Mrs R Barton

    Learning Assistant

  • Mrs S Bavester

    Children and Family Support Manager

  • Mr J Beeton

    Learning Assistant

  • Miss K Bradley

    Music Teacher

  • Mrs S Brassington

    Librarian & Learning Assistant

  • Mrs T Butterworth

    Learning Assistant

  • Mrs K Callow

    Associate Assistant Headteacher and Year 5 Teacher

  • Mrs H Charlton

    Learning Assistant

  • Mrs N Cornish

    Behaviour Team & Learning Assistant

  • Mrs E Downes

    Cover Supervisor & Year 1 Instructor

  • Mrs R Green

    Learning Support

  • Mrs T Evans

    Cleaner in Charge

  • Mrs S Franks

    Headteacher's PA

  • Mrs B Golding

    Learning Assistant

  • Miss J Graham

    Year 5 Class Teacher

  • Mrs L Grant

    Cover Supervisor & Learning Assistant

  • Mrs R Griffiths

    Year 4 Instructor

  • Mr D Gudgeon

    Deputy Headteacher and E Safety Lead

  • Mrs D Hobbs

    Learning Support & Breakfast and After School Club

  • Mr E Hunte

    Sports Coach

  • Mr G Hunter

    Technician & Site Manager

  • Mrs V Izard

    Learning Assistant

  • Miss E Jenkins

    Year 6 Teacher

  • Mr S Jones

    Year 3 Teacher

  • Miss D Kidd

    Learning Support Mentor

  • Miss L Kidd


  • Mr M Lewis

    Deputy Headteacher

  • Miss S Lister

    Year 6 Teacher

  • Miss S Manley

    Learning Assistant

  • Miss K Martin

    Year 3 Teacher

  • Mrs K Mason

    Year 4 Teacher

  • Mrs L McConnell

    Head of School

  • Mrs E McPhail

    Cover Supervisor

  • Miss V Mears

    Learning Assistant

  • Miss L Moore

    Administrative Assistant

  • Mrs L Murrell

    Year 5 Teacher

  • Mrs J Nippress

    Learning Assistant

  • Miss L Parry

    EYFS Teacher

  • Mrs A Payne

    Assistant Headteacher and EYFS Teacher

  • Mrs S Peck

    Rainbow Class Teacher

  • Mrs E Pitts

    Learning Assistant

  • Mrs H Polley

    Cover Supervisor & Breakfast and After School Club

  • Mrs A Rayment

    Learning Assistant

  • Mrs D Robinson

    Learning Assistant

  • Mrs L Savage

    Learning Assistant

  • Mrs J Sendall

    Executive Headteacher (Coupals and Place Farm)

  • Miss CJ Smith

    Cover Supervisor & Learning Support

  • Mrs E Stewart

    Year 1 Teacher

  • Miss T Stratford

    Learning Assistant

  • Mrs H Waller

    Rainbow Class Learning Assistant & Cover Supervisor