Mrs Payne

EYFS Teacher & Associate Assistant Headteacher

I have always worked with children since leaving school, which is many years ago!

Early Years is a magical time, I love to watch the children grow in confidence and curiosity and support them in their first year of school, providing activities and a fun learning environment for the children, so the children can follow their interests, make friends and find out about the world around them.

Miss Parry

Class Teacher

I am one of the Foundation Teachers, I am the teacher of Zebra Class.

I love sharing stories, creating crafts and searching for mini-beasts in the outside area!

I have worked at Place Farm since 2016 and before working at Place Farm I worked at a Nursery with children aged 3-4 years.

I have always worked with children and I absolutely Love it, I especially love Early Years as we get to use your child's play to enhance their learning experiences and to take their learning to new places using their likes and interests and to use their first year of school to develop a curious, hands on approach to Learning.

Miss Smith

Class Teacher

My Name is Miss Smith and I am the teacher of Kangaroo Class.

I love exploring and learning all areas of the Early Years Curriculum and finding out about the world around us. I really enjoy sharing stories, being creative and singing songs with my class.

Early Years is such an important time in the children’s lives as they develop rapidly in their Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social skills. I feel very privileged to be a part of their magical journey in their first year of school.