We believe in quality first teaching and deploy this across the school through our PROUD Curriculum and universal offer. Through concise planning, use of choice and challenge, scaffolding and in addition toos, we enable pupils to make their best progress. We understand that there may be occasions when a pupil requires additional support to achieve their best, and we endeavor to tailor the provision available through our graduated response to enable pupils to access the curriculum and learning opportunities available, so that they are able to achieve what they are truly capable of. The support available at Place Farm Primary Academy extends beyond the child and may support the whole family in accessing and implementing both internal and external advice and guidance. 

Place Farm Primary Academy currently provides support for children with a range of SEND needs, including: 

  • Communication and Interaction 

  • Cognition and Learning 

  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs 

  • Sensory and/or physical needs 

We believe in quality first teaching and deploy this across the school through our PROUD Curriculum. 

Whilst high quality teaching is our first step in responding to pupils who have a special educational need or disability, there are occasions when some pupils will need additional support to that which is available as part of our universal offer. 

Through the schools graduated response and Assess, Plan, Do and Review cycles, pupil’s needs are identified and appropriate strategies implemented to support next steps in learning and effective access to the curriculum. This targeted provision can take many forms including: in class scaffolding and in addition too’s, evidence based interventions outside of the classroom, targeted assessments and screenings, specialist referrals and increased adult support.  

The schools targeted responses and in addition too’s may be delivered by a Teacher, a Learning Assistant or a specialist from the local authority and strategies may be embedded in the classroom, delivered in small groups or on a 1:1 basis. All pupils accessing targeted support will be regularly monitored and progress will be reviewed by the class teacher and SENCo or Pupil and Family Support Manager, on children’s Support and Success Plans.  

Collaborative working is important for us at Place Farm Primary Academy. Our SENCo, Mrs Kidd, and our Pupil and Family Support Manager, Mrs Bavester, alongside our Learning Support Rainbow Team, work together with parents and all staff to support the needs of children within our school, so that they can achieve their best and progress. 

Mrs Kidd and Mrs Bavester are happy to answer any further questions you have and can be contacted via the main office on 01440 702836 or via email admin@placefarm.org.uk 

Additional information regarding the SEND provision at Place Farm Primary Academy can be found in the resources to the right and include: